Walk Through The Psalms with us in 2017



It’s not too late to jump in!

Beginning January 1, 2017 we will spend a year reading the Psalms together.   The reading pace will be leisurely.  It will give us time to read and re-read each Psalm in order to internalize the truths it contains.  Each week will contain the scripture reading’s link (if you’d like to read online) or you can use your bible to read along. As we read, let us not do so in haste.  Take time to read each Psalm at least three times:  once to understand the content, once as a poem or song to feel the meaning, and once as a prayer to appropriate the Psalm into your life.   There will often be a hymn attached and sometimes a video (if we can find one) that helps bring meaning to one of the Psalms for the week.  We hope that you will join us as we delve into the beauty and wisdom found in this book of exquisite poetry in Scripture.

As with the reading of the New  Testament in 2016, reading notes will be e-mailed each week.   The notes will also be found on the church’s Facebook page.  Come, let us be blessed together as we read.


CLICK HERE for the link to the study page with schedule and the reading note links for each week so far.