40 Days of Lent: Day 32

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Day 32:  Pray for peace.






Today we are praying for peace.  This can be peace in the world, peace in our country, city, neighborhood, or even peace in our own homes.  Sometimes the world seems chaotic and stress, violence, and upheaval are rampant.  Pray to God and let that prayer give you peace in your own heart and pray that peace spreads throughout the world.



Looking for ideas?:

This post from allaboutprayer.com has some sample prayers for the different kinds of peace you might choose to pray for.  Open your heart to God and tell him what is in there, but if you have trouble finding the words, this post may help get you started.


PCUSA suggested readings for Daily Readings in Lent–Lectionary Year A

Ps. 31:9–16
1 Sam. 16:11–13
Phil. 1:1–11


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