40 Days of Lent: Day 20

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Day 20:  Pray for someone who you do not like.




“But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”  Matthew 5:44

He said, “What?!?”  Yes, this is one of the commands that we have as Christians.  To be like Jesus was and pray for those who love us, but ALSO those who don’t.  Can you imagine being the kind of person who would ask for a person’s forgiveness AS they are doing us wrong?  That’s what Jesus did from the cross.  “Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they do.”  Luke 23:34

The interesting thing about praying for someone you don’t like (for whatever reason) is that it is very likely that your prayer may not change that person, but that it will change YOU.  Today, pray for someone you don’t like.





Looking for ideas?

This article by Delight-In-God.com gives us tips on how to pray for an enemy (or someone you just don’t like.)



PCUSA suggested readings for Daily Readings in Lent–Lectionary Year A

Ps. 23
1 Sam. 15:10–21
Eph. 4:25–32


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