40 Days of Lent: Day 11

40 days online

Day 11:  No Social Networking Day





Social Media is something that can be used to inform, educate and uplift.  It can also be a time waster, a space of drama and negativity and most of us spend too much time using it when we would be better served finding something else to do.  Today try to stay off social media of all types.  If you are getting the Lent messages through our Facebook feed, that is one example of using social media to deepen your relationship to Christ…so we realize it isn’t all bad.  Take the rest of the day off though, if you can and if nothing else, be conscientious about the content you are viewing.  If it’s not positive and uplifting…it really needs to go.




Looking for ideas?

Can’t do a Social Media free day?  Many people use Social Media for their work (I know I do.) and can’t just take a whole day off.  If that’s your situation, then why not take a few minutes today and “unlike”, “unfollow” and hide things that aren’t necessary and only bring negativity or drama into your life.  We all can think of at least one…or ten…



PCUSA suggested readings for Daily Readings in Lent–Lectionary Year A

Ps. 128
Num. 21:4–9
Heb. 3:1–6


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